Fojammi, No. 9

Joined league November 5, 2005

True Tales of Fojammi
It was during a relaxing stint as a nanny for cultists in the Crescent City, that Fojammi found a used pair of roller skates in a backwoods bayou secondhand market. He carried those beat-up suckahs across the country, hitchhiking coast to coast like some frenetic interstate pinball fandango, until the gris-gris secreted in the bearings came to full maturity, and unleashed the funky power that had been ensorceled therein.

Even though he had the fullskank skating power and freaky calling charisma at his fingertips, these abilities were to languish for an untold length of time until chance circumstance brought him into contact with the newly born League of Arch Rivals. Relieved beyond words to finally have an outlet for his hypermutated reffing tendencies, he devoted himself to the fledgling League and took a solemn vow to only use his powers for the good of Derby. Although his uncanny healing power keeps him in top form, his left eye seems to be getting stronger than the right due to his persistent counter-clockwise take on the world as a whole.